If you’re not familiar with Seamless, you’re missing out. Seamless is a great website for ordering food from all of your favorite restaurants, right from your computer — no need to call and place an order! Not to mention, if you’re a social media fiend, Seamless has a hilarious Twitter account. A lot of companies struggle with running their social media accounts in an engaging, humorous way, but not Seamless. They don’t just tweet to promote their product or answer customer service inquiries — they are really great about interacting with their followers in a fun way and making people smile with food puns, adorable pictures, and more.

This morning, as the Oscar Nominations were released and the internet went into it’s usual awards show frenzy, Seamless took things to the next level. While news sources like The Today Show were just tweeting out the nominees with the hashtag #OscarNoms, Seamless decided to kick things up a notch and introduced the hashtag #OscarNomNoms, while inserting foods into the names of nominated actors, actresses, directors, and films. And it was perfect.

The hashtag caught on, and people all over Twitter started coming up with their own food pun filled Oscar nominees. We rounded up our 10 favorite #OscarNomNoms tweets — and Seamless, consider this our official motion to nominate you guys for an Oscar. Can Best Twitter Account be a category, now? Because it should be.

And the Oscar goes to….

Best Beverage Pun:

Best Use of Meat:

Best Food Pun Flow:

Best Use of Seafood:

Best Use of Vegetables:

Best Breakfast Pun:

Best Use of Food Trends:

Best Name-Changer:

Best Foreign Food Reference:

Best Retweet:

And of course, honorable mention (because he always gets the shaft) goes to…

Which one’s your favorite? Tell us below!

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