It’s National Cat Day, a day for not only appreciating the cats in our lives, but to raise awareness for those who are in need of a cat lover to take good care of them (Check out the National Cat Day website for some info about helping cats currently in shelters! We want to show our appreciation to all the loving house cats out there, and let them know that we understand them.  You see, we humans are often concerned with our own eating habits, trying out different diets and struggling to avoid the foods we know aren’t good for us.  But we are not the only ones — cats too, have a difficult relationship with food.  We all know about poor Garfield and his endless craving for lasagna, and well, the cat in your own life may have issues with food too.  This one goes out to all you crazy cats who just can’t get enough food.

Circle of cats eating(image via tumblr)

The smart hungry cats will just avoid the kitchen all together.

If there’s no food, you won’t have anything to eat!

cat running out of kitchen(gif via tumblr)

But you know what, once that cat gets hungry, she will eat anything she can get her paws on.

Cat eating toy gif (gif via tumblr)

Nothing is safe.

cat eating pencil(gif via tumblr)

 Dogs aren’t the only pets who don’t want you to be able to hand in your homework.

You have your cats who avoid food, and you have your cats who love food…

…but have been wronged by it in the past.

Cat banana peel gif(gif via tumblr

 I don’t blame you for that one cat; I don’t care for bananas too much either.  Those pesky peels!

The above cats have all tried to manage their love for food.  

But not all cats are that strong.  These cats just love food too much. It’s so fun to play with!

Cat with watermelon gif(gif via PandaWhale)

Cat toast face gif(gif via tumblr)

(Actually, not sure how much fun Toast head cat is having.)

This clever cat is having his food with a side of exercise. That cancels out the calories, right?

cat hanging on bowl(gif via tumblr)

Don’t even try getting a food-obsessed cat to share, you will be putting yourself in danger.

Cat pushing dog(gif via buzzfeed

And some cats love food sooo much, they just cannot stop eating.

There is no problem a pint of Ben and Jerry’s can’t solve.

cat with ben and jerrys(gif via PandaWhale)

Cats struggle with food just like we do, and sometimes their struggle is really real.  We should help our cats through these hungry times and try not to judge their weird food habits. After all, I bet your cat didn’t judge you when you ate a whole pizza for dinner.  Show him how much you love him and bring him home a big bag of treats so he doesn’t have to fight the dog for his.

Pizza cat(gif via PandaWhale)

Jaimie is a senior at Adelphi University studying Communications and Political Science. She enjoys exploring and adventures, and recently spent a semester abroad in Prague.