Plums are perfect to enjoy as a snack, dessert, or part of a recipe. They are great in savory dishes, sweet dishes, in cupcakes, in pudding, really in anything. In honor of National Plum Pudding Day, we’ve found 10 perfect plum recipes your whole family will love. From popsicles to grilled plums, there’s a dish everyone will be able to enjoy. Check out our favorite plum recipes:

Plum-Marzipan Galette (via Self)

plum marzipan galette

Made with plums, marzipan, fat-free cookie dough, and cardamom, this dessert only feels sinful. The plums in this recipe are so sweet and juicy and pair perfectly with the flavors of vanilla and cardamom. This galette is perfect for any occasion and everyone will love it.

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