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17 Shocking Food Facts that will Make You Question Everything (via Buzzfeed)

Fruit Loops

Can you handle the truth? Because I can’t. I prefer to be lied to so that I can live my life in a beautifully dense fog. But today, Buzzfeed ruined that. They exposed me to reality and burnt my spirits with the power of their knowledge. They told me that all fruit loops taste the same, regardless of their color. They debunked the five second rule, showed me the correct serving size of Doritos, revealed that Captain Crunch is lying about his rank…it hurts too much to go on. Read for yourself and turn your world from a dazzling oasis of color and marshmallows into one of stainless steel and prunes.

Vitamin D Linked to Improved Breast Cancer Survival Rates (via Fox News)

Vitamin D

In case you needed another reason to get out and bask in the Vitamin D soaked sun rays, here’s one! A new study has found that women with high levels of vitamin D in their blood are twice as likely to survive from breast cancer than those that are lacking the nutrient. The addition of vitamin D supplements into the treatment regimens of sufferers proved to prevent tumor growth and though additional tests are still needed, doctors around the country are already considering altering their treatments to include the nutrient.

Study Finds High-Protein Diets Are As Risky as Smoking (via Take Part)


Every diet has it’s pros and cons and the Paleo diet is no exception. The latest fad, those that adhere to the Paleo life eat a lot of meat, with nearly 37% of their daily calories coming from protein. Recent studies have unfortunately shown that people who intake a large portion of their calories from protein are nearly four times as likely to die of cancer. That’s a pretty significant figure so it would serve you well to do your research before living like the cave people of Paleolithic times.

World Health Organization Advises Halving Sugar Intake (via Telegraph)

Sugar Consumption

It’s no secret that we eat way too much sugar. The World Health Organization currently recommends that we intake no more than 12 level teaspoons of sugar a day but they are considering lowering it to 6. That’s a huge cut but considering the connection between sugar intake and the development of a wide range of chronic diseases, it may be necessary.

Traditional Irish Food For St. Paddy’s (via Travel Freak)

Brown Bread

Ah, St. Patrick’s Day! It’s one of my favorite holidays and not just because I’m Irish. I love the food, the alcohol, the parties, everything. Especially the food. From brown bread to shepherd’s pie, Irish cuisine is comforting and delicious. Make yourself a nice big pot of colcannon and bake some scones to celebrate the greatest holiday properly.

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