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Will Working Out At Night Really Wreck Your Sleep? (via Prevention)

night running exercise

A new study in Sleep Medicine challenges the common theory that working out at night will make you more alert and thus less likely to fall asleep. The study found that exercise generally improves sleep, even if it is done late at night.

Want to Be More Productive? Stop Multitasking and Try This Instead (via Greatist)

cluttered office desk

We all complain that we’re not productive enough, and yet we all try to convince ourselves that we are great at multitasking. It may be time to take a step back, put down the smartphone, and focus on one thing at a time. This list from greatist outlines 10 ways the absence of multitasking will help you be more productive.

The 19 Coolest Pizza Boxes You’ve Never Seen (via BuzzFeed)

sophia loren pizza box

Scott Wiener holds the Guinness World Record for most pizza boxes (currently at over 650 boxes from 45 countries). Check out some of the eclectic boxes from his very interesting (?) collection here.

Which States Have the Healthiest Brains? (via Prevention)

healthy brain

According to the 2014 America’s Brain Health Index, Maryland residents have the healthiest brains in the country. Close behind Maryland fall Washington State, Colorado, Connecticut, and Alaska. The states with the least healthiest brains include Arkansas, Louisiana, North Dakota, Alabama, and Mississippi. Check out the full list here.

Hilarious Portraits of People Getting Milk Thrown In Their Faces (via Redesign Revolution)

alexander bradley great spectacle milking

Paris-based photographer Alexander JE Bradley’s series¬†The Great Spectacle of Milking¬†features hilarious (and quite stunning) photographs of people getting milk thrown in their faces.

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