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Thanks to the Polar Vortex, Brace Yourself for a Miserable Allergy Season (via Time)

allergies polar vortex

As if the polar vortex hadn’t already caused enough damage, it is continuing into early Spring, which means a late flowering for trees. So, once trees do begin to pollinate, they will need to work hard to catch up, and deliver higher than normal amount of allergens into the air. Thanks again, polar vortex. We love you too.

The $250 Burger: Behind the Beefed-Up Bill (via CNN)

The B & B Indulgence Burger, from New York burger bar Beer and Buns is available for a cool $250. Yes, two-hundred fifty dollars. The burger must be order a day ahead of time, and is so artfully composed of Kobe beef, Sauternes-sauteed foie gras, heirloom tomato, pancetta, fresh truffle, and Beluga caviar.

Tasty Tuesday: International Waffle Day! (via Travel Freak)

liege waffle international waffle day

If you missed International Waffle Day yesterday, fret not. You can eat waffles anytime, and these different types of waffles from Travel Freak might just inspire you to try a new kind of waffle and prepare for next year’s festivities.

25 Weird Food Combinations You Just Might Have to Try (via BuzzFeed)

weird food combinations

Some of the 25 favorite weird food combinations from Whisper users include pickles with frosting, microwaved marshmallows with Doritos and cheese, and avocados with Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I cannot say I will be trying any of these any time soon, but maybe you’ll find inspiration from the list.

Celebrate Soft-Shell Crab Season With These Epic Recipes (via Huffington Post)

waffles maryland style soft shell crab

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has finally come: soft-shell crab season. If you’ve never eaten soft-shell crabs, you are truly missing out on the veritably succulent and divine crustacean. If you’re already a lover of the soft-shell crab, try some of these epic recipes for a new spin on the summertime favorite.

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