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27 Red Velvet Desserts That Want To Be Your Valentine (via BuzzFeed)

Red Velvet Oreos

Looking for some fun, Valentine’s Day themed desserts and snacks to make for your sweetheart (or your friends and family)? Here are 27 deliciously yummy red velvet desserts perfect for February 14th. Those red velvet Oreos look so good!

What Seattle (& Denver) Can Teach The Rest Of The Country About Living Well (via Huffington Post)


If you’re still in Super Bowl mode and want to be inspired by this year’s winning team, here are some life lessons about health that you should take away from Seattle, home of the champion Seahawks. Denver fan? No worries, the home of the Broncos is pretty healthy, too.

5 Healthy Olympic-Inspired Recipes from Around the Web (via Greatist)

Olympics Inspired Recipes

The winter Olympics start in Sochi in only two more days, so if you can’t be there, you can eat meals inspired by the event! These healthy recipes from around the web are inspired by the Olympic teams and all the countries participating, and are totally yummy, too.

How Not to Beat Yourself Up This Valentine’s Day (via Well + Good)

Valentine’s Day = a lot of pressure, especially if you’re single and without a sweetheart. On the flip side, if you’re taken, there’s a lot of pressure to do it up right. Take away the pressure this year by learning how to forgive yourself, regardless of your relationship status.

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