shopping on a budget

Eating out costs a lot of money, and in most cases is an unhealthy option. Cut food costs and get more of the healthy foods your body needs by using this grocery list of seven healthy foods for $2 or less.

1. Brown Rice

Talk about eating on the cheap! A bag of brown rice costs roughly $1.75 and has ten servings. That comes out to about $.18 a serving! This super food is great for salads, side dishes, casseroles, soups, stews, and makes great fried rice!

2. Whole Wheat Pasta

A 16-ounce box of store brand whole wheat pasta costs about $1.69. At about seven servings per box, you’re looking at just $.24 a serving. Use whole wheat pasta in any hot or cold pasta dish.

3. Whole Wheat Bread

A serving is listed on the label as one slice, but two slices is the norm when you’re making a sandwich. A 22-ounce loaf of wheat bread runs about $1.99. With roughly 22 slices per loaf, that’s 11 servings at just $.18 each.

4. Non-fat Greek yogurt

Great as a snack, in place of sour cream or in smoothies, non-fat Greek yogurt comes in individual servings of six to eight ounces each. At a cost of about $.89 each, Greek yogurt is a no-brainer. You can save even more by buying large containers of the yogurt and dishing out a six or eight ounce serving size.

5. Frozen Veggies

Frozen veggies are a real bargain because they contain all the nutrients as fresh at less than half the cost. You’ll spend anywhere from $1.75 to $2.25 per bag, which makes each one cup serving roughly $.25 each.

6. Old Fashioned Oats

At breakfast, Old Fashioned Oats can’t be beat. Packed full of energy-producing fiber, each 1/2 cup serving only costs about $.13 cents. Usually available in a 42 ounce container, store brand oats offer about 30 servings so you can eat for a long time!

7. Canned Refried Beans

If Mexican is your thing, you’ll be happy to know that refried beans are good for you and they’re cheap. Packed with lots of protein and fiber, a 15 ounce can costs about $1.19, making each 1/2 cup serving just $.34 apiece.

Eating healthy on a budget isn’t hard when your options aren’t limited. Be sure to read food labels for nutrition information and compare the price per serving to get the best deals on all your healthy choices.


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