Healthy Way to Cook Blogs Worth Bookmarking

Queen of Quinoa

This trendy grain gets elevated to veritable superstar status on this delectable blog featuring a wide array of tantalizing recipes you won’t even want to call gluten free because relegating deliciousness to a check off box seems silly.

The Healthy Apple

What could be better than pinnable photos, easy-to-follow directions and crowd pleasing dairy free recipes to wow any kind of eater? Not much.

Vegan When Sober

Started in 2013 by a fed-up food writer (yours truly) amazed by all the additives and junk put into packaged food,  think of it as a cross between Mark Bittman’s book VB6 (Vegan Before 6:00pm), harrowing documentary Food, Inc., and a coffee table cookbook. The blog explores wholesome products that help make the vegan-ish transition easy, dazzling recipes curated from the best vegan blogs, and easy  tips for boosting energy, losing weight, getting healthier and more.

86 Lemons

You have Cosmo to test drive relationship advice (wait, do you?) and blogger 86 Lemons to test drive vegan recipes to tweak and perfect them so you know exactly how to pull off that ooey gooey Mac and cheese or buffalo wing with blue cheese bites you thought you’d have to give up as a vegan. Oh wait, you don’t!

This Rawsome Vegan Life

Thought vegan eating was boring? Thought vegan raw eating was even worse. Think again. With insane photography that puts Real Simple photo spreads to shame, these raw recipes will convince even the biggest carnivores to stop clogging their arteries. You’ll stumble upon countless recipes you didn’t even know you wanted to try (like cashew citrus cream cake and lavender cheese cake with lemon and honey) and happily justify indulging by knowing you’re fueling your body with plenty of superfood goodness.

Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes

One of the first vegan blogs I fell in love with when I made my plant-based transition, this colorful blog will wow and dazzle with inventive vegan spins on traditional omni recipes (coconut chocolate chip banana bread! spinach and artichoke dip! ricotta “cheese!”). Her fonts alone will be enough to convince you to bite the bullet and start your own pretty, sparkly, brand spankin’ new blog already.

Healthy. Happy. Life.

In a green smoothie rut? A devoted vegan but craving chocolate banana peanut butter bites (bet you are now) without animal products? Obsessed with creamy wintry soups but don’t know how to veganize ‘em? This killer blog answers all those questions and enough to keep you pinning to your “I HAVE TO MAKE THIS!” board  for the next, oh, 27 hours.

Chocolate Covered Katie

I have a confession. Sometimes I really, really want dessert. And I’m not talking a boring, righteous dessert. I mean a decadent, guilty pleasure indulgence that sends you over the moon. Behold: Chocolate Covered Katie. Excepts that with a blog that focuses on healthy desserts, so you can skip the side order of guilt with your lemon blueberry yogurt cake. P.S. The variety and delectability of these desserts is so insane, you won’t even notice they’re free of eggs and dairy.