Alternative Healthy Office Snacks

In every company, the break room consists of THAT machine. The vending machine. The one that beckons you with the salty and sweet treats that you know you shouldn’t be snacking on, but they look so tempting. Usually it’s just a quick fix to get you through to the next hour, only for you to be wanting something else. Avoid the vending machine by planning ahead on the types of snacks that you can bring into the office with you that are much healthier.

Cottage cheese & fruit

Do you have a long meeting in the afternoon? Make sure you can get through the meeting by snacking on some cottage cheese and your favorite fruit, like watermelon. This snack will give you protein and some carbohydrates to keep you perked up and not in sleepy mode.

Mixed nuts

Mixed nuts are not the world’s most exciting snack, but it is one of the healthiest out there. You can add a few spices to the nuts for more flavor and make a big enough batch to quickly throw in your bag while you are heading out the door. This is one snack that you can easily have at your desk and eat by the handful.

Hard-boiled eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are a friendly snack that will give you a boost of protein. You can sprinkle a little salt and pepper to taste and it will be a great filler for an after lunch snack.


You can’t go wrong with yogurt. The best choice of yogurt are the ones that do not contain the sugary jam that is at the bottom. You can eat the yogurt plain or add your own toppings such as nuts, fresh fruit or honey.


Make your own chips so that you can control the amount of salt added. Pita chips are the best because they won’t crumble or break as much. Kale chips are also a healthier alternative.

Stay Crunchy

If you don’t want to munch on chips, but still want some crunch, you can pack some whole grain crackers, carrots or cucumbers. Snacks like these are more satisfying. You can even bring a little bit of peanut butter to add with your crackers.


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