This week, First 5 California launched an anti obesity campaign, in the form of public advertisements, that have people in a frenzy. First 5 California photographed a young girl drinking milk and edited the photo to make the girl obese, drinking a carton of sugar rather than milk. The point of the advertisement was to spread awareness of the severity and commonality of overweight children. The ad was intended to make parents aware of childhood obesity. The message was not received well and people have been irate with First 5.

“They are taking a perfectly healthy little girl and Photoshopping her to make her look unhealthily obese,” Adweek media reporter Emma Bazilian told ABC News. “It’s no surprise that people are outraged at that.”

It seems a little bit strange to me that people are in such a tizzy at the thought of digitally altering a child to look fat in a society where we often look the other way when models and magazine cover girls are Photoshopped to look SKINNY. While this ad had great intention, it was seen as offensive and unnatural. However, when Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta launched a similar campaign featuring real overweight children, they were criticized for being mean and unsympathetic. Wake up and smell the trans fat people!  Obesity is a real problem that affects real people, young and old, of every race and ethnic background. There is something wrong with our society if it’s socially acceptable to be altered to appear too thin, but not too heavy. When people strive to be as thin as the Photoshopped models, eating disorders and distorted body images become insanely prevalent. However, if no one faces the realization of how serious obesity in America is becoming, how can we fix the problem?

Where is the happy medium?

[via ABC]

What do you think about this anti obesity campaign?

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