Beat Stress with Nutrition

For most of us, when we stress food usually comes into play as a cure. It gives us the feeling of having satisfaction, power and control of stressful situations. Comfort foods have became the go to place to release our stress.

It is not necessarily a bad thing that our favorite food can reduce our stress, but moderation is key. When you stress, the adrenaline in the body will produce more, however, your blood sugar level will drop once the stress subsides and food is needed to replenish your blood sugar level. Certain foods are not good for you because they make digestion more difficult when they increase the physical stress. When your body is given the proper nutrition that it needs, it can prepare for these types of challenges of the day.

You can avoid some common problems and protect your health by eating a sensible diet that can reduce the effects of stress

Nutrition Tips to Beat Stress

Eat breakfast – Always eat breakfast each morning, even if it’s something small such as an apple or making a fruit smoothie.

Lunch and evening meals – Try to choose a healthy option for both of these meals such as baked beans, whole grain sandwiches or tuna. If you decide to dine at a restaurants, look for choices that give your baked options instead of fried such as baked chicken or fish and add vegetables with your meal. Pasta can also be a healthy choice that is whole grain with a tomato based sauce.

In-between snacks – To keep your energy up throughout the day, having a healthy snack will keep your energized. Nuts, raisins or a banana are great ideas to keep on hand when you have a mid-day craving.

Drinks – Drinking plenty of water is best for your body because it will protect your kidneys and keep you from being dehydrated. Stimulants such as soda, coffee and tea should be cut back as much as possible. If you prefer coffee or tea then trade them in for the decaffeinated version or better yet, drink 100 percent fruit juices or herbal teas.

Supplements – If you are still not getting the nutrients you need, supplements can be taken to replace nutrients that stress may have depleted such as calcium, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium and B vitamins. For digestion help, herbal supplements can be taken such as kava kava, liquorice root or lemongrass.


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