Benefits Of Maca

Have you ever heard of the Maca root? The Maca is a root vegetable indigenous to the Peruvian Andes mountain range and is related to other root vegetables like radishes and turnips. Although the Incans had been benefiting from the roots powerful medicinal values and its tasty edible qualities for years, it didn’t travel westward until the mid-1800’s. Over the last century and a half the popularity of the Maca has grown considerably and with good reason.

The Benefits Of Maca Comes In Different Colors

The scientific name, Lepidium Peruvianum, identifies all variations of the Maca, which are many. The up-side down pear shaped root comes in all sorts of sizes and colors. Lighter colors range from a gold and cream hue to red-ish pink and lavender. The darker colors include blue, green, black, and purple. Every color root contains unique nutritional, medicinal, and therapeutic properties. Likewise, every color root also presents different taste characteristics. The lighter cream color which the native Peruvians prefer, is a very sweet, nutty tasting variation with a consistency like a potato when cooked. The darker colors possess a slight bitterness that accompanies the sweetness. Although the red variety is quickly becoming more popular for its recently proven effects on the prostate, the black Maca promotes the highest energy boosting properties.

More Benefits Of Maca

The Maca root is highly regarded as a super-food containing rich amounts of minerals, vitamins including all of the essential b-vitamins, necessary enzymes, all of the amino acids, calcium, and magnesium. Containing all of these things aren’t just what make it a super-food. The Maca root is a super-smart food. It might be widely used as healthier substitution for coffee, offering the consumer increased energy and focus, but that is really the least of its capabilities. Upon slowly introducing the root into your diet, it naturally acts as an adaptogen agent, meaning that it has the ability to recognize where the body is producing to much and where it is lacking, then goes to work stabilizing it. This allows it to have the ability to perfectly balance hormones, and all of the body’s glands. It is for this reason that it is commonly used as an aid in detoxification regiments. It has also been proven to treat and improve depression, PMS, menopause, hot flashes, and libido. Regarding the libido, it has earned the title as natures Viagra for its natural aphrodisiac qualities.

The Tasty Benefits Of Maca

The Peruvians used the Maca root as a staple part of their diet, often roasting the roots in a pit or boiling them. One of the traditional methods of serving the Maca is mixing the mashed Maca with sweet cane syrup and bananas. Another rustic recipe using the Maca is to add roasted pieces to a stew including other roasted vegetables, lentils, and sea salt. Considering everything that this amazing root has to offer, it’s no wonder it’s considered a super-food. It comes highly recommended that you give it a try, if not for one of its many nutritional, medicinal, and life-improving qualities, than just because it’s a great food.

Enjoy, and happy eating.

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