If you’ve recently moved into a new place or have just finished a kitchen remodel, you may be tempted to upgrade your cookware too. Or, you may have also completed a cooking class and want something better suited to your new status as an accomplished home chef.

So, what brands are the best when choosing high end items and what do you look for when spending a good chunk of change on a stockpot? Here’s the 411 on the best cookware manufacturers.

The Basics

First, don’t go rushing out to buy the priciest set on the Net you can find. Hold on, hold up.

There are some things to consider first. Have you just installed a glass topped range? If you have… and these are really popular now… you’ll want to make sure any pots and pans you buy are flat-bottomed. What does this really mean? You can’t just order from a catalog. You need to see it.

Got an induction cooktop? Don’t forget to bring a magnet to make sure the spendy cookware you’re considering is really magnetic stainless steel.

Make sure to test the weight. If that must-have chef’s skillet is heavy in the store just imagine how heavy it will be with food in it. And does it have a second handle to help lift it into and out of the oven?

The Big 3

In our view, there are three really big names for high end cookware that are worth their press: Calphalon, All-Clad and Le Creuset. They all have a la carte pieces or sets you can buy.

Because these manufacturers regularly sell products in the $100-$600 range, depending on what you’re buying, we recommend looking for sales. Websites like Target and Amazon – heck, even Williams Sonoma — always have sale prices and if you live in an area with outlet stores, you can pick up some factory seconds for a song.


They are best known for their pedigreed nonstick pieces. At Amazon, you can by their basic nonstick 10-piece set for about $200. They also sell a 10-piece stainless steel cookware for about $150.


We love this manufacturer because the pieces our staff members have just go on forever. They are expensive, no question about that, but you get what you pay for. They’ve recently come out with a dishwasher safe line in a 10-piece set available at Amazon for $700. If you love Emeril, All-Clad has produced a 12-piece cookware set for him. At Amazon it’s $205.

Le Creuset

Their enameled cast iron is to die for and their skillets have that all important second handle to help with heavy lifting. Their Dutch oven is one that is so good it gets passed down from generation to generation. Snap it up at Amazon for about $300.

High prices don’t always equal high quality but in the case of these high end cookware manufacturers, you’ll be glad you sprung for the best. Enjoy them and cook some fantastic meals.

Which company do you think has the best cookware?