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We’ve all watched food shows where the hosts use the best food processors in some of their meal preparation.  For the most part, the brand that they use has to do with the manufacturer advertising on the show.  It’s called product placement. But what if you’re a home chef and can’t afford the most expensive food processor?  Does that mean you shouldn’t buy one? Not at all.  Here are our suggestions to help you pick the right one for your kitchen.

What Is It?

There may be some readers out there who are unfamiliar with what a food processor is and does.  It’s a tool that makes meal preparation faster by chopping, pureeing and shredding all in one container.  It uses different blades that can be changed out depending on what you’re trying to do.


Food processors came on the market in commercial kitchens around 1960.  The first commercial food processor was produced by Robot Coupe (Ro-Bo-Koo) and is still in use today.

Like home computers, food processors have evolved and become more common and less costly as more manufacturers added them to their line of kitchen ware.

Before You Buy

While it’s tempting –and we go through this, too – to want to buy the latest and greatest gadget on the market, think about how much you’ll use a food processor.  If you regularly do a lot of chopping or shredding or you like making salsas and purees, a food processor would be a great investment for you.

Pricey or Cheap?

One of the most expensive food processors on the market is made by Cuisinart.  This is the brand you see most often on food shows.  They are, absolutely, the Mercedes Benz of food processors. But that doesn’t mean that other, less expensive, brands aren’t worth a look.

Hamilton Beach

This company has been making kitchenware and gadgets for a long time.  Their standard food processor is a basic model that gives you the chopping, slicing and shredding blades that you need for just about everything. We’ve had a Hamilton Beach in our kitchen since 1985.  And it’s still going strong. The cost is generally under $100.


As we said above, this is the gold standard for food processors.  Cuisinart puts out an excellent product in everything that they manufacture.  But remember, You will pay several $100 for a basic model.

What to Look For in a Processor

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when buying a food processor:

  • Make sure that the bowl gives you a large capacity
  • A wide feed tube will let you work with larger pieces of food
  • Controls that don’t take a rocket science degree to figure out
  • Safety first – Make sure that the bowl and top lock into place and that the food processor will not work without those locks engaged

If you think a food processor is the next thing on your must-have list for your kitchen, use our tips to help you make a great choice.

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Which brand has the best food processor in your opinion?