You really can’t go anywhere in America or even in the world without finding all sorts of restaurants, side vendors or hole in the walls to find great food. When you have so many places to pick from, it can get a little challenging for a foodie to choose the best out there. Nowadays, foodies are looking to stimulate their palates more and not just step into a line at a McDonald’s at the next exit off the freeway. They don’t mind spending a bit more to have great food prepared by talented chefs. So if you are one that likes to travel and enjoy the food along the way, let’s dig in.

Places for Foodies in 2015

Walnut Creek, California

Restaurants here in Walnut Creek are locally owned and those who live in the city will support them more than going to any fast food joint. They also support the local farmers market and are able to keep the obesity rate lower than other smaller cities. If you are enjoy unique beers and wines, than The Art and Wine Festival brings in thousands of visitors. You can also do some sampling of the restaurants in Walnut Creek while strolling down Locust Street or take a taste of “L.A. street food” at 310 Eatery.

Cape Town, South Africa

Stylish and welcoming are the words that describe Cape Town restaurant scenes, citizens and artisanal foods. One favorite spot to grab delectable, organic chocolate is at Honest Chocolate and is worth a shopping trip. Other favorites include Baked for their legendary sourdough, The Rumbullion Lawn for a breathtaking view as you enjoy your meal and Bistro 1682 for the sense of history through food and views.

Denver, Colorado

According to NerdWallet’s ranking, Denver is the sixth best city for foodies of 2015. Denver is considered to be full of culture with food carts, brewers and specialty plates that you can sample from niche-market restaurants. Places to stop by while you are venturing in the city include Acorn for its wood-fired American cooking, Biji’s Little Curry Shop for its flavors and textures and the Cart Driver. Although its menu is small, you can enjoy the best pizzas, oysters and ice cream within its intimate and vibrant space.

San Sebastian, Spain

Once in a lifetime meals you will find in San Sebastian, Spain due to the hefty amount that can come out of pocket. Yet, you will have mixture of taverns and astonishing restaurants with views that may keep the hefty prices out of mind through your meal. Two destinations restaurants that foodies flock to are Pedro Subijanas Akelarre and Juan Mari Arzak’s which both have three coveted Michelin stars.


To all theĀ  foodies, what place would you like to try out?

Image: iStockPhoto