In case you haven’t heard, the way that you start your day always determines your day. It’s for this reason that we deem breakfast as the most important meal of the day! Since breakfast is the most important meal, any mistake you make involving that specific meal is an important mistake.

What do you look for in a breakfast? For us, we want something tasty, something substantial, something that fuels us and leaves us energized, not sluggish. To find this in a breakfast, it’s imperative that you don’t skip complex carbohydrates. Are you starting the day with refined carbohydrates? Are you skipping carbs all together in an effort to be healthy? Be warned – skipping complex carbohydrates is the biggest breakfast mistake you’re making.

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Complex Carbs Give Us Energy

Truth be told, any carb gives you a boost of energy. How it happens and how long we sustain that energy is one of the key differences in complex versus simple carbohydrates. Simple carbs, like many breakfast cereals, white bread, and sugary breakfast bars, will quickly turn to sugar in the body. Once ingested and turned to sugar, your blood sugar levels will sky rocket, and your energy levels will follow suit. Just as quickly as it all goes up, though, it will all surely come crashing down, leaving you tired, sluggish, and craving more carbs. Complex carbs, on the other hand, are digested much more slowly, giving way to a more gradual and sustained boost of energy that can last for hours. Swap out that sugary cereal for a banana one morning, and see just how big of a difference it can be.

Complex Carbs Keep Us Regular

Many complex carbohydrates contain fiber, which works wonders for our digestive tracts. While simple carbs work quickly to turn to sugar, complex carbs are more slowly digested. As they are digested, our bodies take in the accompanying nutrients that all seem to assist in the digestive process. The result? A regulated, healthy digestive tract.

Complex Carbs Keep Us Fuller for Longer

Since complex carbohydrates are digested more slowly, you’ll notice that they sit on your stomach for much longer, keeping you fuller for much longer than you would be with simple carbs that turn quickly to sugar. Simply stated, even if you’re eating less in quantity, you’re eating a higher quality, more purposeful and nutritious breakfast, which will cause an increase in energy levels and a sustained “full” feeling.

Remember, eating only refined carbs is not only bad for you, it’ll also leave you sluggish and not adequately equipped to take on your day. Cutting carbs all together, will do the same. If you’re intent is to stay full, stay energized, and be healthy in the digestive process, then skipping complex carbohydrates – like fruits, whole grains and oats – is absolutely the biggest breakfast mistake you’re making.

Do you know of any other common breakfast mistakes?