Burger King Satisfries

Burger King’s Satisfries have been available just under a year now, but I’m calling this addition to the menu a success – both in terms of satisfaction and in nutrition. While any fried food falls short on the health scale, these fries are a healthier side than your typical grease and fat laden french fries.

So, How do Satisfries Stack up?

Almost a year later, visit any Burger King restaurant and you’ll see signs posted on the doors and windows and on every available space inside proclaiming the Satisfries’ nutritional value over regular fries. Promising less fat and calories, these french fries come in at thirty percent less fat than their original counterparts and twenty percent less calories. Against McDonalds’ fries, Satisfries have forty percent less fat and thirty percent less calories. This puts BK’s Satisfries at roughly 150 calories and 6.3 grams of fat in the smallest size. From a nutritional standpoint, these numbers are a big deal!

How does Burger King do it?

If you’re thinking that Satisfries are some kind of anomaly, or aren’t made from real potatoes, think again. They contain the same oil and potatoes as the original fries, just in a reconfigured way. Sound confusing? Well, according to an article in USA Today, it’s this reconfiguration of the ingredients that keeps the thinner batter from absorbing excess oil. Less oil = less fat and calories.

What about Taste?

So, since Satisfries absorb less oil, they taste less like the oil they’re fried in and more like the potato they are. When compared to the classic version in a taste test (conducted by me), I found that I actually preferred the Satisfries over the original fries. If you’ve ever eaten the frozen crinkle-cut Ore-ida french fries you bake in the oven, you have a pretty good idea of what Satisfries taste like – only with much more salt.

Satisfries Price

One thing you’ll notice right away is the price difference. A small order of classic fries is about $1.79. The same sized Satisfries? $2.09! This difference doesn’t seem to deter many from ordering the healthier option, though. Whether for the obvious health benefits, or simply because the fries taste better, hungry customers hardly blink an eye at the higher price.

So, while Satisfries are a definite healthier side choice, you will pay a little more for that benefit. I’m guessing most people aren’t buying them for their low fat and calorie benefits, though – not when a double Angry Whopper with Cheese and a large soda accompanies them.

Anyhow, give Satisfries a try if you haven’t already. They’re pretty good!


Image:  Thinkstock