Like so many other celebrities that are unsatisfied simply being one type of famous, Cameron Diaz has decided to write a book. And it’s not your typical “‘self-indulgent narrative about my life that I can shove down your throat because I have a lot of money” book (a la Snooki)–no, this is a nutrition and healthy lifestyle book for teen girls.  E! Online reported in June that Diaz doesn’t have a formal publishing deal yet, but has a literary agent and plans to visit U.S. high schools to talk about healthy food choices. Like fellow actress Gwenyth Paltrow, who runs the blog on her lifestyle website GOOP, Diaz will launch her own site and cover health issues for young girls.

Really, Cameron? REALLY?! You’re trying to be a healthy lifestyle role model for impressionable teenage girls? Aside from the fact that you’re SO skinny that you need to be Photoshopped to look more healthy, you don’t exactly give the impression of being someone teens should want to emulate (Bad Teacher, anyone?). And let’s not forget the fact that you have, oh, ZERO qualifications to write about nutrition. Good thing you have all that money to gain “access to top nutritionists.” If we’re just letting anyone buy information so they can look like experts on things they have no real background in, at least let’s pick a better spokesperson for health and nutrition.

Image via Hollyscoop

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