Caramel is the new chocolate

If you grew up in the same time and era that I did, then you probably either wore or at least heard of parachute pants. You might be thinking or asking ‘what relevance does this have to do with a healthy cooking site?’ well the point I was so subtly setting up to make is, everything from clothing, make-up, hair, activities, media and even medicine all follow trends motivated by popular interest. At one point it is fresh and new, until it catches on with the majority, at which point it will usually run its course, leaving those that had fallen to its spell to anxiously await the next big thing. Give it some thought and you will find that food is no different.

Why Caramel Is The New Chocolate

Since the invention of bread, people have been concocting various interesting spreads, usually inspired by the availability of their surrounding habitat, to smear onto the bread for taste and sustenance. In most recent years, catchup was nearly over thrown by the salsa craze, quickly followed by the not quite as popular hummus. Whether its jelly, jams, or preserves, fruit spreads have always maintained a presence. It was only recently that there has been a growing trend to replace peanut butter with something sweeter and slightly more spreadable.

The new spreads:

It should not be confused in thinking that these spreads are new. Quite the opposite really. They have almost always been around, it’s only now that they are gaining some popularity. Over the last five years, the use of hazelnut spreads have skyrocketed. The hazelnut is quickly being followed up with pistachio, almond, and macadamia nut spreads. But are they healthier?

The caramel craze:

In regards to this latest caramel craze, it might be steaming up in popularity for its gooey sugary taste but it really holds no nutritional value like chocolate does. As for the nutty replacements for peanut butter, although the various nuts themselves are all very healthy for you, be aware of the extreme amounts of sugar that have been added to these offerings in making them a marketable spread.

That is what I have to offer you concerning this latest report suggesting caramel is replacing chocolate. And to be perfectly honest with my readers, as far as taste, texture, and preference, I happen to like caramel over chocolate. As far as which is healthier, it’s a no-brainer, chocolate is the winner.

Enjoy, and happy eating.

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