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Daily Recipe Inspiration

Each day, we'll share a photo of a healthy dish from our biggest cooking inspirations.

Grilled-Cheese naturally ella

Daily Recipe Inspiration: Harissa and Avocado Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Nothing in this world is more comforting or more satisfying than a grilled cheese sandwich. Crunchy, gooey, buttery, and filling, it's one of those foods that's good even when it's bad. If you're accustomed...

Daily Recipe Inspiration: Coconut Mango Banana Bread

 Banana bread is delicious, whether plain or studded with chocolate chips and walnuts. The natural sweetness of the overripe fruit mixed with generous handfuls of sugar and spice comes together to create a quick...
Daily Recipe Inspiration Nutrition Stripped Carrot Cake Tahini Recipe feat image

Daily Recipe Inspiration: Vegan Carrot Cake Tahini Pancakes

While pancakes tend to be reserved for indulgent brunches and unhealthy outposts (cough, IHOP), McKell from Nutrition Stripped challenges that perception. It is easy to start believing that being healthier starts meaning more egg white...
Zucchini-and-Tomato-Lasagna feat image

Daily Recipe Inspiration: Marinated Zucchini and Tomato Lasagna

Traditional lasagna is a filling dish that can often leave you feeling bloated and weighed down after just a single serving. Typically made with large quantities of cheese, ground meat, and white pasta, its...
Blackbean-Veggie-Quinoa-Burgers feat image

Daily Recipe Inspiration: Black Bean and Quinoa Burgers

  Veggie burgers are incredibly hard to perfect. Unlike a traditional beef burger - which requires little to know structural help - their veggie counterparts rely on a complex ratio of beans to grains to...
Daily Recipe Inspiration Vegan-Chai-Ice-Cream feat image

Daily Recipe Inspiration: Vegan Chai Ice Cream

Life is nothing without ice cream. In all honesty, it sometimes occurs to me that it might be my number one reason for not going vegan. I can live without chicken, cheese, butter, and...
Healthy way to cook mango seaweed salad.png

Daily Recipe Inspiration: Mango Salad with Seaweed

March can be a very dreary month; it's the boxing rink for winter and spring and for whatever reason, I find winter is usually the victor. Heavy gray skies and damp winds batter my...
Empowered-Noodle-Bowl Daily Recipe Inspiration

Daily Recipe Inspiration: Empowered Noodle Bowl with Orange Maple Miso Sauce

Put down that microwaveable cup of Ramen noodles because we're having real food tonight. I know they're convenient and tasty, but those plastic cups are full of nothing but cheap ingredients and preservatives. Treat...
Chunky-Chocolate-Buckwheat-Granola feat image

Daily Recipe Inspiration: Chunky Chocolate Buckwheat Granola

I eat the same thing for breakfast everyday: a bowl of greek yogurt with a handful of boxed granola. While delicious and filling, I tend to use the same brand of granola over and...

Daily Recipe Inspiration: Sopa de Ajo (Garlic Soup)

Yes, you read the title correctly: garlic soup. This recipe from Food 52 is almost like French onion soup, but with garlic instead. And without beef stock. Or any stock for that matter. That leaves...