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Is the Five-Second Rule About Dropped Food True? (via Prevention)

Ice cream on the floor

Ah, the five-second rule. I’m pretty sure we all know that it’s validity is circumstantial at best. And yet we can’t help but scream “five-second rule!” every time we drop a morsel of our precious food onto the floor. There are conflicting studies that debate the legitimacy of this frequently cited decree but really, are they necessary? Use some common sense. If you drop a Cheez-It on the carpet your dog recently relieved his bowels on, it is not okay to eat regardless of whether 5 seconds or 10 minutes has passed.

The Real Scoop on the Ice Cream Cleanse (via Time)

Juice Cleanses and detoxes generally aren’t my thing. The thought of taking in all my daily sustenance through drinks made of pressed fruits and vegetables just does not appeal to me. But an ice cream cleanse? That I can get down with. Pass the Ben & Jerry’s.

5 Ways to Save for Your After Graduation Trip (via Travel Freak)

Travel Jar

The end of the spring semester is close at hand and with that, students around the country are buckling down to get through the final essays and tests of the academic year. For the individuals lucky enough to be graduating come May, vacation planning may also be on the agenda. After spending the last four years of life in a constant state of sleep deprivation, it’s finally time for the future workers of the world to take a few weeks to see the world…or even just lay poolside at a beautiful resort. But, like all things, vacations cost money and money requires saving. Following the tips in this article can help ensure that when it comes time to board that plane, these new graduates can fly at ease knowing that their wallets (and bank accounts) are well stocked with the necessary vacation funds.

Best (and Worst) Foods for Your Heart (via CNN)


┬áSo many news sources tell me that chocolate is good for my heart when eaten as part of a balanced diet.. Well, I ate a Hershey’s Cookies and Cream bar for breakfast and I’m going to eat a salad for lunch, that’s balanced…right?

27 Classic Snacks You’ll Never Have to Buy Again (via Buzzfeed)


Dunk-a-roos were the greatest thing to ever happen to the snack aisle and the fact that they were discontinued hurts my heart more than you could possibly understand. Luckily enough, they can be made quite simply at home, as can a whole slew of other delicious snack foods. With less preservatives and more flavor, these home-made snack recipes are sure to make you forget about their cardboard encased brethren.

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