Rosemary is very popular as a go to herb when cooking. It grows spiky and thin, similar to what evergreen needles look like. It has a potent flavor and fragrance that can infuse into anything that it is cooked with. It is also known as “dew of the sea” because it is from the Mediterranean.

Rosemary is one herb that you can find year round and use. Have you noticed that you may buy this aromatic herb in a bunch, use it one time for a single recipe and then you put it in the fridge, forgetting about it, while it dies a slow death and then it’s out the trash it goes?

This time, you won’t have to worry about rosemary going to waste when you buy a bunch next time. Here are some recipes that you will enjoy using rosemary whenever you can and soon be wondering how it can all goes so fast. So pull it out of that crisper drawer and savor it for what it is meant for.

Useful Ways of Cooking with Rosemary:

Make rosemary-infused oil. Use the oil to dress salads or on pasta.

  1. Bruise several sprigs of washed and dried rosemary by rolling them under the palm of your hand on a hard surface, like a cutting board.
  2. Place the bruised rosemary sprigs in a sterilized glass jar that has a tight fitting lid.
  3. Warm olive oil, safflower or sunflower oil in a pan until it is too warm to touch. Don’t let it smoke.
  4. Pour the warm oil over the rosemary in the jar until it is completely covered. No part of the rosemary should be out of the oil. Put the lid on.
  5. Store the jar in the refrigerator for 2 weeks.
  6. Remove the rosemary sprigs and strain the oil if pieces remain.
  7. Store the oil in a closed bottle in the refrigerator.

Step up your desserts game.

Add a teaspoon of dried rosemary to your favorite gelato mix or ice cream. Or if you rather have popsicles, you can add a few fresh sprigs to the mix and freeze. Try out Roasted Yellow Plum and Rosemary Popsicles

Potatoes and rosemary go hand in hand.

Whether mashed, in wedges or a baked potato sliced, rosemary is the best herb to use. Hasselback Potatoes with Garlic, Lemon & Rosemary 

Rosemary can take a splash in the best drinks.
It can be added to regular lemonade or have a splash in some gin or vodka. Happy Hour Grapefruit Rosemary Cocktail

What do you use rosemary in?

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