cooking with a wok

A wok is the primary pan used in Asian cooking. It has a unique shape and style which makes stir fry recipes simple to make and on the dinner table in no time flat, along with other food preparations. When using a wok there are different techniques that you should adhere to in order to keep your wok working as good as it did the fist time you used it.

Tips and Tricks for cooking with a Wok

Size matters. Woks will come in many different sizes, however, the best size to use at home is anything that is under 16 inches. If you go beyond that size, it can become difficult to lift the wok and move the food around.

Proper seasoning. According to Grace Young, an award-winning authority on Chinese cooking or the Wok Queen, a well seasoned wok will give a distinctively wok cooked taste to your foods. When the wok is seasoned, it will have a naturally nonstick surface and will be resistant to rust.

Preheat wok before adding oil. To know when the wok is hot enough, beads of water will evaporate quickly when it comes in contact. You can then drizzle oil onto the wok, such as peanut or canola oil which are the best because they have a higher smoke point and will not burn. Preheating the wok will also bring out the flavors that are enclosed in the pores from previous use.

Prepare ingredients beforehand. Foods in a wok will cook quickly, therefore, having your ingredients pre measured, cut and right beside you will prevent anything from burning. You have to keep a close eye on the wok as the food is cooking because of the high heat levels. Vegetables should also be dried so that stir fry do not become soggy.

Swirl liquid ingredients. Broth, soy sauce, wine, or any other liquid that is being used, should be swirl around the wok and not poured directly in the center. This will help to de-glaze the pan and intensify the flavors.

Wok Hay – The Breath of a Wok

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