Blackbean Veggie Quinoa Burgers


Veggie burgers are incredibly hard to perfect. Unlike a traditional beef burger – which requires little to know structural help – their veggie counterparts rely on a complex ratio of beans to grains to vegetables to ensure that it does not fall apart either on the pan or in the hands of the diner. ┬áMost recipes enlist the aid of rice or oats to bind the burgers together but theses carbohydrates often create a gummy or mushy end product. To avoid this common problem, this recipe from Love and Lemon nixes those heavier grains in favor of quinoa. Not only does cooked quinoa provide the burger patties with the structural integrity they need, it also “beefs” up the protein content. The combination of black beans, beats, walnuts, and red quinoa create a burger that is just as filling (if not more) than a regular old beef burger. Piled high with crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, and the condiments of your choice, these burgers would impress even your most carnivorous friends. Plus, we’l never say no to the healthier indulgence!


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