Broccoli Cheddar and Wild Rice Casserole

Cooking can be a daunting task, I know. It’s so much easier to pour yourself a bowl of cereal and maybe grab an apple and declare yourself fed but really, are you satisfied? I’m willing to bet you’re not. More nights than not, I skip out on making myself a hot, balanced meal simply because I’m too damn lazy. As a result, I end up picking at EVERYTHING in my kitchen but never end up feeling full. Don’t be like me. Learn to make some dishes, like this casserole! Hey, don’t recoil when I say “casserole.” I’m aware that the word brings to mind oven-safe dishes filled with various beige things and possibly green beans but this one from Smitten Kitchen isn’t anything like that. It starts with a base of wild rice and broccoli to which a generous cheese sauce is added. Packed into a cast iron skillet, topped with more cheese, and shoved under the broiler, this casserole is the kind that you take home to mom. Rich, attractive, and a good mix of health and indulgence, this dish is a keeper.


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Claire is a 21 year student hailing from New York City. She is currently in her senior year at Hunter College, where she is finishing up her English Degree. When she's not at school, she can usually be found working behind the counter at her local bakery. Claire loves to cook and spends an embarrassing amount of time looking up recipes for every dish imaginable. She is particularly fond of trying new dishes and believes that the best way to connect with people is through sharing food. Google