California Barley Bowl Recipe

I think all of us here in the Northeast could do with some California in our lives right now. Just think of it: warm sunshine filtering through the gaps in the palm tree leaves, waves crashing gently onto the rough seashore, cold beers, warm breezes…sounds nice, doesn’t it? How truly unfortunate it is that we can’t all just take a break from reality and book the next flight to paradise. To ease the pain of the wound I just poured salt in, I suggest that all of you go out and collect the ingredients for this saladĀ from 101 Cookbooks and bring some California love to your dinner table. Spicy arugula, creamy avocado, and bright lemon combine with hearty barley (shameless rhyme) to create a dish that is equal parts light and satisfying. Wash away your winter blues with these tropical greens.

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