Coconut Mango Banana Brea

¬†Banana bread is delicious, whether plain or studded with chocolate chips and walnuts. The natural sweetness of the overripe fruit mixed with generous handfuls of sugar and spice comes together to create a quick bread so delicious that needs no extra help…but a few add-ins never hurt. There are simply too many variations¬†on this delicious staple! Instead of going the traditional route, try taking yourself to the tropics by making this coconut mango banana bread by Daily Garnish. By adding coconut milk, dried mango, and and shredded coconut to a basic banana bread base, the loaf takes on a summery persona while retaining it’s familiar identity. Beat the last of the winter blues by serving yourself a nice thick slice with a big dollop of coconut whipped cream for dessert tonight.


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Claire is a 21 year student hailing from New York City. She is currently in her senior year at Hunter College, where she is finishing up her English Degree. When she's not at school, she can usually be found working behind the counter at her local bakery. Claire loves to cook and spends an embarrassing amount of time looking up recipes for every dish imaginable. She is particularly fond of trying new dishes and believes that the best way to connect with people is through sharing food. Google