Crispy Coconut Cauliflower Bites

Look, I know that deep frying food isn’t exactly the healthiest method of cooking. I know you could bake your fries or bread your chicken in panko and pan-sear it but, it’s not the same. Sometimes, you just need submerge your food in oil. And that is exactly the kind of treatment these cauliflower bites get! Don’t worry, they do still have redeemable nutrition qualities. For a start, there’s a vegetable hidden beneath that crunchy exterior. And the breading? Well it’s made out of flaxseed meal, coconut, and gluten-free flour, which means that this is a totally safe to serve to your gluten-intolerant friends. So, turn off your oven and break out your deep fat fryer because tonight, you’re living.


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Claire is a 21 year student hailing from New York City. She is currently in her senior year at Hunter College, where she is finishing up her English Degree. When she's not at school, she can usually be found working behind the counter at her local bakery. Claire loves to cook and spends an embarrassing amount of time looking up recipes for every dish imaginable. She is particularly fond of trying new dishes and believes that the best way to connect with people is through sharing food. Google