Greek Pasta Salad

I was that person wearing shorts when it hit 45 degrees the other day. I was that person who wanted to have a BBQ and sip beers on my patio. I am that person who is way too ready for summer. The brief warm spell we had here in New York over the weekend melted the ice around my heart and had me ready to break out the Fourth of July sparklers just a wee bit too early. Though it is now (once again) hovering around the freezing mark outside, the bonfire inside my chest is still blazing. My arms and legs are aching to be exposed to the sun and my stomach is crying in anticipation of summer’s fine produce. Joy the Baker‘s recipe for this Greek pasta salad is just the cure I was looking for to ease the pain of my warm weather infection. Juicy tomatoes, salty feta, sharp red onions, and chewy orzo dressed in lemon vinaigrette…it’s like summer in a bowl.


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Claire is a 21 year student hailing from New York City. She is currently in her senior year at Hunter College, where she is finishing up her English Degree. When she's not at school, she can usually be found working behind the counter at her local bakery. Claire loves to cook and spends an embarrassing amount of time looking up recipes for every dish imaginable. She is particularly fond of trying new dishes and believes that the best way to connect with people is through sharing food. Google