Sloppy Joes

Healthy Sloppy Joes… Wait, what? Don’t worry. I promise that these Sloppy Joes are completely different from the ones served to you by a hairnet-clad lunch lady in a crowded and poorly-lit elementary school cafeteria. This recipe from Ellie Krieger of Food Network is a more healthy option to the traditional dish with its extra-lean ground beef, low sodium beans, and absence of Manwich. Beyond its health benefits, Ellie adds spice to the dish through her use of jalapenos, garlic, and mustard powder. By simply substituting a traditional hamburger bun with a whole wheat hamburger bun, you can easily make this meal even healthier. The recipe is super easy with a combined preparation and cooking time of 30 minutes, and is sure to please the entire family!

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Tucker is a junior at Fordham University studying Political Science and Art History. He enjoys food, historical nonfiction, and Netflix marathons.