Lemon, Almond, Chia Seed Muffins

I went through a stage in my life where I was thoroughly obsessed with all things muffin related. My friend and I would spend hours trying to hunt out the best muffins in NYC, never really straying from our favorite flavors (blueberry and chocolate chip, obviously). No muffin was too big or too sweet and there just were so many to choose from; they were all perfect in our eyes. We’ve both grown since those carefree days of our youth. My friend is now a vegan so giant Dunkin Donuts muffins are no longer an option for her. As for me…well, I’d like my jeans to keep fitting and daily muffins probably won’t help my cause. Unless they’re these muffins, of course. Hailing from the lovely blog London Bakes, these light, grain free muffins are the perfect solution to my muffin vs. jeans debacle. Made with almond meal, brown rice flour, and chia seeds, they are a convenient and delicious way to indulge my muffin cravings without busting any buttons. And a simple switch of regular yogurt for soy yogurt in the batter would mean that my vegan friend would be able to enjoy these, too! If this is what growing up is, I’m more than okay with it.


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Claire is a 21 year student hailing from New York City. She is currently in her senior year at Hunter College, where she is finishing up her English Degree. When she's not at school, she can usually be found working behind the counter at her local bakery. Claire loves to cook and spends an embarrassing amount of time looking up recipes for every dish imaginable. She is particularly fond of trying new dishes and believes that the best way to connect with people is through sharing food. Google