Daily Recipe Inspiration Nutrition Stripped Carrot Cake Tahini Recipe

While pancakes tend to be reserved for indulgent brunches and unhealthy outposts (cough, IHOP), McKell from Nutrition Stripped challenges that perception. It is easy to start believing that being healthier starts meaning more egg white omelets and less carbs, but Nutrition Stripped reminds us that being healthy can be delicious and filling as long as you use the right, nutrient-dense ingredients. In addition, not only is this blog healthy, but a great portion of it (including this pancake recipe) is vegan and gluten free. Those on special diets can rejoice! While many use eggs and flour as the binding agents in this breakfast favorite, the banana and psyllium husk make sure this delicious dessert-like  dish doesn’t crumble as soon as you lift your fork. What else can we say about this recipe? Besides the fact that we daydream in it – and wish we could have it every morning – it’s sweet and savory (thanks to the tahini), has the potential to be filled with protein, and simply the perfect way to start your day. Plus, it is probably impossible to not love carrot cake. How would we recommend taking this dish? Preferably on a lazy Sunday morning, with a warm cup of tea, and a bathrobe on! Have a happy weekend!



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