Cooking Classy is a recipe site full of, simply put, good looking, good tasting food. Not only will the dessert page show you how to beautifully pipe icing on those lemon cream pie bars, but it also introduces you to gluten-free alternatives that has their delicious factor tested and assured by the blogger. Our following picks below had our mouth salivating at first glance. Check them out!

Cauliflower Pizza Crust


While the blogger admits the traditional fluffy but crisp white crust pizza is irreplaceable, the gluten-free spin made with a medium head of cauliflower makes a great substitute. It’s a thin crust, but the water in the cauliflower help retain moisture so biting into it doesn’t feel like eating a piece of chip with cheese and sauce. Other benefits of this cauliflower crust is that it has less carbs, and no need for kneading and rising. Quick pizza that’s gluten-free and low carb? Sign us up!

Greek Salad


For a refreshing salad that’s easy and versatile – you can throw this in a sandwich, mix with your preferred protein, or add as a side – the Greek salad will hit the spot. Prepping and tossing clocks under ten minutes, which makes it essential to add to your Rolodex of on-the-fly meals. If you want to alleviate the harshness of red onions, the blogger recommends rinsing it under warm water. I’d like to add that chopping them up into smaller bits will help spread out the red onions so it doesn’t overpower the salad.

Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies


“What is the best way to judge the success of a gluten-free recipe? If no one can tell it’s even gluten-free.” Soft, chewy, and soaks up the right amount of milk like a sponge. The author swears by this gluten-free recipe, since many similar renditions result in a flat and greasy texture. Xanthan gum, tapioca, and white rice flour retains the softness and elasticity, and you can substitute eggs for flax seed mixture if you want to “veganize” the recipe.

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