My first exposure to raw foods was at New York City’s Pure Food and Wine. Like most people alienated by  this food culture, I thought I’d be getting myself into salads and fruit and vegetable platters. It was to my pleasant surprise that I experienced one of the most flavorful and decadent dining experiences: sake mixed with the freshest squeezed juices, young coconut noodles under greens and fruits, and ice cream sundae topped with fudge. Because all entrees were made unprocessed, uncooked, and with raw ingredients, my whole body felt like it was lifted by clouds, glowing for days.

This Rawsome Vegan Life showcases the decadent side of raw foodism, advocating the health benefits and philosophy of this plant-based diet. Raw desserts make up most of the recipes Canadian blogger Emily Voneuw shares. She admits to having an “eternal sweet tooth” – and who can blame her? Check out our favorite guilt-free, wholesome dessert recipes from the blog!

Coconut Cream Lime Pie


Made with young coconut meat, water, and oil, this personal pie will hydrate you to the max – no need to wash this down with a glass of milk! Since instructions only call for blending ingredients for the crust and the filling separately, prepping this dish is a breeze. The crust is dense with energy and nutrients thanks to its hemp and dates component.

Vanilla, Raspberry & Peppermint Cream Cake With Cacao Truffles


This cake looks like it belongs behind the window of some fancy French bakery, but you’d be surprised at how easy it is to whip it up in your own kitchen. Rich in fruit and nuts, all ingredients are accessible at most grocery stores and can be easily substituted otherwise. All in all, it’s a process of blending and setting (sense any pattern?) to make this colorful cake. Prepare to defy culinary expectations with this!

Raw Vegan Super Food Chocolate


Rarely do you hear about chocolate being among super foods, so this is good news to any chocolate fiends reading this right now. These chocolate bites are dense in supplemental powders like spirulina, maca, and reshi, which scientific experiments have shown have healing and equilibrium-balancing properties.  Treat indulgence like you’re taking your vitamins!


Rika Nurrohmah is a stylist working in one of the high fashion capitals of the world, New York City. When out of her 9-to-5, she's out trying making the world a better place. Music, the arts, traveling, activism, and skateboarding are among her passions; pursuing knowledge and new skills is a way of life. Almost every meal she eats is homemade, and exploring vegan culinary feels more like a hobby than a chore. She aspires to join fashion leaders like Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood in driving the industry down a more ethical and sustainable road to a better future. She graduated from Ohio University’s journalism program. In her downtime, she likes to experience the New York music scene, play guitar, and watch “Sherlock” on repeat.