Vegan Richa is on a mission to “veganizing it [your food] … one recipe at a time!” If you need a source for motivation to cook up a storm, look no further than this website. Recipes are beautifully laid out in an image grid, and the food is captured in their bright and colorful glory – as if pulled from the pages of Martha Stewart Living.

If that’s not convincing enough, I’m afraid you need to make a visit to the eye doctor. There are lots of recipes that substitute traditional frying techniques with baking, and the author has developed dessert recipes that have sugar alternatives. Check out our favorites below.

Baked Mung Dal Samosas
Baked Mung Samosas

Love samosas, but wish they’d feel a little lighter in your stomach? Vegan Richa’s version bakes these spice-filled appetizers, only using very little oil to make the filling and flour. Instead of potatoes used in a traditional recipe, this version calls for mung dal, or yellow lentils, a lighter and more nutritionally-packed substitute. The difference your stomach will feel after a few helpings is that you’ll be able to move on to the main course with ease.


Moroccan Burger with Lemon Cumin Yogurt
Neat Burger

What I love about a vegan burger is that there are countless variations in making the burger patty; the numbers are probably up there with smoothies. For the base of these patties, this recipe uses Neat, a vegan, gluten-free replacement for ground beef that’s a mix of whole grains, garbanzo beans, and pecans. The yogurt sauce can be made with nondairy yogurt or cashew cream. Mixed with lemon zest and cumin, the sauce adds a fresh tang to each bite.

Strawberry Cheesecake Tarts for Two
Strawberry Cheesecake

There’s something about personal pies that makes them more desirable. Maybe it’s the bite-size cuteness, or the fact that you can take on the entire dish in a few bites. Let’s be real: you don’t get nagged by your friend when there’s only enough for one. This tofu filling for this cheesecake is blended with fresh strawberries and cashews. Melt your favorite dark chocolate and drizzle it over the finished product.


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