Indian cuisine accounts for what a lot of vegetarian dreams are made of: densely flavorful spices and texture of rice against legume and greens. East of the donuts and mac ‘n’ cheese, it’s among the top of ultimate comfort food.

For this week’s Eat and Greet spotlight, Veggie Belly hosts an array of vegetarian and vegan recipes sourced from famous home dishes in South and Southeast Asia. Travel and food is among the top passions for the blogger, who channels the joy of preparing these dishes as a way to substitute physical travel from her Portland base. Check out some of her recipes we can’t wait to try below:


veggie belly vegetarian pad thai

This recipe caught my attention not just because Pad Thai is the perfect embodiment of simple and succulent, but also its peculiar and lighter adaptation of traditional ingredients used. Tamarind, palm sugar, and fish sauce (which the author warns that even if you order a vegetarian version, it is often snuck in) is replaced by brown sugar and soy sauce. Interesting! We’re hoping this version is as rich in flavor and texture.


veggie belly mango blueberry quinoa salad lemon basil dressing

I have always believed the best salads should be made to take all five senses on a great journey. This dish is vibrant, tossed in summer fruits, chewy thanks to the quinoa and dried cranberries; and finally, peppered with chop basils to freshen your palette. Thanks to the high ratio of protein and amino acid, this salad alone accomplishes the sustenance of a full meal.


veggie belly aloo gobhi tart

Aloo Gobi simply translates to “Potato Cauliflower”. What’s great about this dish is that the Aloo Gobi curry dish is served on a nice, flaky pastry crust. This is definitely something I would recommend to anyone who likes to combine their love for crispy texture with eating their dishes like a slice of pizza.


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Rika Nurrohmah is a stylist working in one of the high fashion capitals of the world, New York City. When out of her 9-to-5, she's out trying making the world a better place. Music, the arts, traveling, activism, and skateboarding are among her passions; pursuing knowledge and new skills is a way of life. Almost every meal she eats is homemade, and exploring vegan culinary feels more like a hobby than a chore. She aspires to join fashion leaders like Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood in driving the industry down a more ethical and sustainable road to a better future. She graduated from Ohio University’s journalism program. In her downtime, she likes to experience the New York music scene, play guitar, and watch “Sherlock” on repeat.