Searching the web for new and inventive food blogs is probably my favorite thing to do these days. One blog in particular that I’ve become semi obsessed with is The Clever Carrot. This food blog has so many creative, healthy, flavorful recipes that every kind of foodie will enjoy. From raw beet and apple salad to crab sauce to honey whole wheat bread, The Clever Carrot seems to have a delicious recipe for everything. I love the easy-to-follow recipe instructions and the unique ideas on this site. I can’t wait to give all of these recipes a shot. Here are just a few of my top favorite recipes from The Clever Carrot for this week’s edition of Eat and Greet:

Raw Beet and Apple Salad

raw beet and apple salad

This salad would make a perfect appetizer at a dinner party or an easy-to-make summer lunch. Made with sweet beets, tart apples, basil, and lime, this salad is super flavorful and surprisingly refreshing. To make this salad more filling, serve it topped with grilled shrimp or chicken for a meal everyone will love.

Golden Thai Coconut Soup

golden thai coconut soup

Perfect for winter, this creamy golden Thai coconut soup is warm and soothing. This recipe uses coconut milk, carrots, chicken broth, ginger and chili paste to give the soup a rich flavor. The lemongrass and shallot gives this soup tons of added flavor and the coconut milk makes it so creamy and delicious. Curl up by the fireplace with a good movie and a big bowl of this amazing soup for a perfect weeknight dinner!

Blackberry and Nectarine Tart

blackberry and nectarine tart

When you’re craving something sweet after dinner, instead of reaching for that box of half-eaten Godiva chocolates from last year’s Valentine’s Day, grab a slice of this refreshing and delicious blackberry and nectarine tart. Made with fresh fruit, apricot jam, and other wholesome ingredients, you can enjoy this dessert without feeling guilty after having a slice (or three).

What’s your favorite recipe from The Clever Carrot?

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