One of my favorite things to do is troll the internet in search of new recipes that feature new foods, flavor combinations, and ingredients. When I came across this week’s Eat and Greet, Oh, Ladycakes, I was overwhelmed with joy. This healthy food blog features dozens of recipes for everything from cookies to quinoa salad. This blog uses wholesome, natural ingredients to come up with healthy, flavorful, and truly delicious meals, treats, and breads. Some of the recipes include raw brownie bites, baked fries, and cherry almond granola. Yum! Check out our top three favorite “Oh, Ladycakes” recipes for great recipe ideas:

Buckwheat Waffles with Blueberry Syrup

buckwheat blueberry waffles

Perfect for any breakfast or a fun and fancy Sunday brunch, these buckwheat waffles with blueberry syrup are hearty, wholesome and delicious. Made with buckwheat flour, almond milk, and coconut oil, these waffles will surely be a crowd pleaser and family favorite on the breakfast table! Serve with homemade whipped cream or a dollop of Greek yogurt.

Raw Coconut Cacao Brownies

raw coconut cacao brownies

When you’re craving something gooey and sweet after a delicious dinner, drop the sleeve of Oreos and whip up a batch of these easy to make raw coconut and cacao brownies. This recipe is healthy and makes delicious guilt-free brownies that are perfectly gooey without any of the added oils and fats. Made with almonds, cashews, coconut, cacao powder, and dates, these brownies are a great sweet treat to curb your chocolate cravings!

Sweet Cabbage Salad

sweet cabbage salad

Perfect for lunch or as a side with dinner, this sweet cabbage salad is both light and refreshing. Made with slivered almonds, peas, apple cider vinegar, and sesame oil, this salad is crunchy and sweet with a tangy kick. Try topping this salad with lime grilled shrimp or a piece of grilled chicken for a great meal full of flavor and protein.

What’s your favorite recipe from Oh, Ladycakes?

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