For 2014, many of my friends have a new year’s resolution to go vegan. A month later I checked in with them to see how it’s coming along, and surprise: some haven’t even gotten around to switching out cow’s milk for almond. Even when introduced to transition tips like a 22 plant-based challenge to test the waters before a full plunge, the leap will seem like jumping over a canyon. For many, it’s hard to shake off the perception that dairy and meat are central sources for protein and calcium. In this week’s Eat and Greet, Post Punk Kitchen, writer Isa Chandra Moskowitz comforts skeptics with accessible recipes for just about any staple foods. “Make it vegan,” she declares, and the results will shock you.

In the crammed kitchen of her Brooklyn home, Moskowitz becomes the punk rock best friend you wish you had around your lunch socials. Everything from Mac ‘n’ “cheese” to ice cream and “snobby joes” is explained in an encouraging and comprehensive tone, and she doesn’t shy away from adding useful tips. Check out some of our favorite below and surprise yourself!

Roasted Red Pepper Mac & Cheese

Post Punk Kitchen Roasted Red Pepper Mac and Cheese Vegan

Is that a sigh of relief I hear? You’re not the first. This quintessential American comfort food has been “veganized” with raw cashews and nutritional yeast to give the sauce its essential creamy, “cheesy” goodness. This Mac & “Cheese” bursts with flavor thanks to the garlic, turmeric, and pizza seasoning (fennel, oregano, thyme), so the herbs and spices can help overcome a winter cold.

Meaty Beany Chili & Corn Muffins

Post Punk Kitchen Meat Beany Chili and Corn Muffins

Moskowitcz pays homage to the Texas chili by adding the recipe’s apparent no-no: beans – and lots of it. Kidney, black, and lentil beans (oh my!) are generously mixed into this rich medley of peppers and spices. Paired with corn muffins made with applesauce and coconut oil, this will guarantee a warm, healthy food coma.

Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

Post Punk Kitchen Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

I’ve saved the most decadent for last, because it’s a dessert and who doesn’t want to sacrifice dessert? This ice cream is the result of constant ingredients experimentation in order to convey everything great about ice cream – down to its smooth, lick-worthy surface. Made with cashews and rice milk for the most accurate substitution to heavy cream, this ice cream is appropriate for those fireplace winter months thanks to the pumpkin spice flavoring.

Rika Nurrohmah is a stylist working in one of the high fashion capitals of the world, New York City. When out of her 9-to-5, she's out trying making the world a better place. Music, the arts, traveling, activism, and skateboarding are among her passions; pursuing knowledge and new skills is a way of life. Almost every meal she eats is homemade, and exploring vegan culinary feels more like a hobby than a chore. She aspires to join fashion leaders like Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood in driving the industry down a more ethical and sustainable road to a better future. She graduated from Ohio University’s journalism program. In her downtime, she likes to experience the New York music scene, play guitar, and watch “Sherlock” on repeat.