While food blogs are awesome and we love how sophisticated and grown up they are, many of them don’t appeal to children. Most kids I know won’t eat arugula, bleu cheese, philo dough, butternut squash, roasted kale, or anything that might resemble an adult meal. Children want spaghetti and hot dogs, ice cream and sugar cookies. What the world needs is more blogs geared towards kids. This week’s edition of Eat and Greet features¬†Simple Bites is an amazing family friendly blogs that combines the best of the health world with everything children want. This blog has dozens of healthy recipes that kids will actually want to eat. One of the great things is that these recipes are all easy enough for children to help make (preferably with adult supervision) so they’ll have fun making healthy dishes and be more likely to enjoy eating well! Here are just a few of my favorite healthy recipes Simple Bites has to offer:

Apple Chips


If you’re looking for a quick and easy healthy snack, you’ve come to the right place. These apple chips are sweet, crunchy, and totally toddler friendly. The best part? They require almost no special preparation and bake in just minutes. Enjoy these crispy apple chips on the go, during recess, or as a healthy dessert!

Cornmeal Pancakes

cornmeal pancakes

Instead of white flour or Bisquick (or any other pre-made pancake mix) why not try some healthier alternatives? These cornmeal pancakes are a huge hit at breakfast time and we promise your family won’t even notice how healthy they are. This batter cooks up light and fluffy and you can add in any ingredients you like such as dark chocolate chips, blueberries, bananas or bacon. Okay, I know the whole bacon-in-pancakes thing sound weird but please trust me it is amazing.

Asparagus and Tomato Pizza


I need to eat this pizza right now. But seriously. Made with fresh cherry tomatoes, asparagus, and feta cheese, this creation is pure pizza perfection. You could use whole wheat pizza dough instead of traditional pizza dough, but have no fear Simple Bites has a recipe for whole wheat dough so you wont even have to click off the site! For a dinner packed with lean protein, add grilled chicken or sliced chicken meatballs to the top of this delicious pizza. Enjoy!

What’s your favorite Simple Bites recipe?

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