It’s not just for breakfast anymore, folks! This food staple has turned into a powerhouse side or snack item for every meal. To be honest, toast doesn’t get the attention it deserves because, just like many other foods, it has the potential to be bland. However, with some helpful tips and good information, you can make it a favorite go to food for all the members of your household.

Layer What You Love

People see toast as a one dimensional food: it’s breakfast time, so spread some butter and jam on it. Or, it’s dinner time, so put some butter and garlic on it. Who invented the rule that toast had contain a minimal number of ingredients? We recommend creating masterpieces out of your toast. Bread is essentially a blank page, an empty canvas, a work of art waiting to be created. The sky is the limit with what you can spread and layer on your bread, so get creative. Think first very generally – “I’m in the mood for a toast meal that’s hardy and flavorful.” From there, determine what you have around that’s spreadable to provide a moist foundation for the remainder of your ingredients; think mashed avocado with a dash of greek yogurt. Next, what pairs well with avocado? Tomato, oregano, egg and pepper. Pop it all in the oven for a quick five minute broil, and you’ve certainly created a work of art.

Works For Every Sandwich, Ever

Bored of the same old sandwich? Toast it. We promise, it’ll add a much needed variety that will relieve your tastebuds of boredom. There’s not one sandwich out there that can be improved a little by popping the bread in a toaster before you make it. Peanut butter and jelly, BLT, club, chicken salad… it’s all better on toast.

Pair it with a Soup

People don’t view toast as a full meal very often because they don’t make it out of substantial food items, like protein, that they need to fuel their bodies throughout the day. Sometimes a little creativity can solve this problem and help you add what you need to make it more of a meal on its own, but when you can’t? Toast sure does pair well with soup, any soup. Tomato soup is great with toast. Taco soup is great with a toast with a black bean spread. Soups that are “Italian” in nature pair well with Pesto toast, and soups that are Greek in nature pair well with toast that has a tahini spread with bits of capers and and feta on top. If you’re unaware of a good complimentary soup and toast pairing, consider using some of the same ingredients in the soup on the toast.

See? Toast never sounded so good! Whether you pair it with a soup, turn a regular old sandwich into a toasted one, or create a masterpiece of a meal by layering your favorite ingredients… you’ll be thrilled to pull out the toaster as often as you can.

What is your favorite way to eat toast?