energy boosting foods

In the middle of the day, you begin to feel as though you are dragging your body around, not having any type of energy or pep in your step. For most, that pep in your step probably extinguished out within an hour or two once you started working or running your errands. You probably even feel more tired as you think about what you have to do later on that day of endless task before you can actually relax and think how in the world will you make it through the day.

Before guzzling down one of those little energy bottles, eating that candy bar or grabbing that can of soda, take a peek and see how some foods can be an energy booster and help to fight off fatigue.

Energy Boosting Foods

Fatigue Food Fighters #1 – Carbohydrates
There have been many of times where you may have heard that carbohydrates are bad for you and have been giving a bad reputation. Yet, carbohydrates are one of the great ways to give your body some fuel and giving your brain and central nervous system, the two most vital body systems, an energy source. Foods that you can eat as part of your meal would be brown rice, sweet potatoes or a drizzle of honey to your yogurt.
Fatigue Food Fighters #2 – Proteins
You can’t go wrong with eating foods that have protein because it is an essential way of getting energy. When you think of protein, meats may come into mind, however, you can get a good amount of protein from fish such as salmon or from a cup of yogurt. Also, don’t forget the eggs because the body is able to absorb 97% and eggs contain the highest form of protein.

Fatigue Food Fighters #3 – Fruits
This shouldn’t be hard to believe because fruits should always be in your daily diet. The glucose in the fruits allows your body to metabolize it into energy. Most fruits that are eaten can be digested within 30 minutes, giving you a quick boost of energy. Grab an apple, banana or an orange for a quick breakfast or snack and feel refreshed.
Fatigue Food Fighters #4 – Plant Based Foods
Foods that are directly from a plant itself will help you to maintain your energy levels. Leafy greens such as spinach can be used to make you a bed of salad to knock out that afternoon energy slump. Nuts such as almonds has an energy production from the riboflavin aids that are oxygen based. Beans are also a great plant based food for energy and they also contain proteins.

What are your energy boosting foods?

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