For this weeks Farmers Market update, we try to answer the question of what else is available at the farmers market besides fruit and vegetables? Often a meal isn’t complete without a starchy component, like potatoes or beans or pasta. Yet most farmers markets are not going to have fresh pasta, organic flours, or grains readily available. So what are some other alternatives that are usually available at the market? The most common options are potatoes or sweet potatoes – they are available all year round due to their ability to be stored in cold, dark places and not rot. Another starchy ingredient making a comeback is fava beans. Their peak month is July, but they should be available now at your local market. Packed with nutrients, with no cholesterol, low calories, high protein levels, and extremely satisfying, check to see if there are fava beans at your local farmers market! Check back here later today for a post on how to cook them, and a simple, easy recipe.
Image: flickr user NatalieMaynor, licensed by Creative Commons