Shake It UP flavored sea salt (2)

I would say you can never have too much salt, but some people like to prove us otherwise. All kidding aside,, the site where you can pledge money for pretty much any kind of start up ever, now features an exciting and interesting sea salt line that features 5 unique flavors, and we are definitely interested!

Barry and Becky Leimkuehler, after unsuccessfully attempting to Kickstart a fudge business last year, are now trying their hand at flavored sea salt. Shake It Up salts not only come in bright and exciting colors, but the flavors are far from typical. There are currently five flavors: Tequila Lime, Lemon, Whiskey Maple, Peach, and Pineapple Mango. These flavors are nothing short of exotic but certainly will add an interesting flavor to any dish they are used for. The creators are also currently working on a Limoncello flavor, they announced after the success of their campaign.

Shake It Up flavored sea salt (1)

The married couple offer plenty of reasons to invest in their company as well. They make sure to emphasize the fact that the ingredients are fresh, the salt is hand made, and it is “just the right texture” as well. As an added bonus they mention that the lid is painted to essentially become a chalkboard so that their customers can rename their salts or even reuse the jars to store whatever they so please.

The pledge rewards aren’t half bad either. For just a $5 backing you can receive a sample of whichever salt you choose and a jar of your preferred variety for $10. $25 offers a 3-jar sampler and $50 offers one of each of the five flavors of salt. The $100 reward though, is nothing short of awesome!  Not only do you receive all five salts, you also get another gift box of all the flavors as well to send to a loved one and you get to have some creative input on the next flavor. So whether you want a kiwi-inspired Margarita salt, or a Chicken and Waffles flavor, you can work with the company to help create the next flavor and even receive design credit on the label!

The couple has already raised over $3,000 when the goal was originally set at $500. The kickstarter campaign ends on July 4, so you better get your salt while you still can!

Images via Kickstarter