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In this installment, rather than outline another simple, healthy, and delicious dish for you to try at home, I thought I’d offer to you, the readers, the importance of one of my favorite appliances in the kitchen: the food processor. I will provide you with five delicious reasons why this multi-purposed gadget is one thing that no kitchen should be without.

The kitchen is truly a magical place where all sorts of alchemy take place. Most often, individuals develop a very personal attachment to their kitchen. From specific set-ups and particular utensils that cater to the person’s unique style, the kitchen is definitely a place that becomes an extension of personality. Through creative expression, and a kitchen’s functionality and efficiency, the potential for some of the finest works of edible art are brought to life.

The spectrum of available appliances to assist your creative endeavors are nearly as endless as the combination of food possibilities. Whereas some people might not ever do without a microwave, others might insist upon their convection oven. Some chefs simply must have the highest quality knifes, and others obsess on their sauté pans. Whatever combination of equipment fits your fancy, it is still only as important as the preparation, presentation and exercise of a high standard of food quality.

There are many things I can do without in a kitchen, although there is one versatile little gadget that I must insist on having: the food processor. Not only is it the perfect replacement for the mortar and pestle, here are 5 reasons why it’s my number one accompaniment in the kitchen.

5 Delicious Food Processor Uses

Amazing Hummus

It is the tool I use to make my amazing hummus. Once my garbanzo beans (chick peas) are cured and my garlic is roasted, I toss them into my processor with lemon, tahini paste, and olive oil to get the perfect smooth consistency I like for my hummus.

Piquant Pesto

Again, it is my go-to tool to make my perfect pesto. After roasting my pine nuts and garlic, I toss it into the processor with Parmesan cheese, basil, and olive oil to achieve a perfect pesto. Easy variations can be made to this by switching out pine nuts for pistachios as one example. A popular addition is using sun-dried tomatoes as well.

Savory Mirepoix

I particularly love to use my processor to liquefy my savory mirepoix. Pronounced mir-pwa, is a combination of onion, carrot, and celery used as a base for the creation of most soups and sauces. I also add garlic to mine. After sweating them in a pan, I like to remove them, process them, and then put the smooth mixture back into whatever sauce I’m making for a smooth consistency with rich flavor.

Perfect Pâté

It is also a spectacular device to make the perfect pâté. There are countless variations and takes on this spreadable paste. Usually containing a delicate mixture of meat or fish, herbs, spices, fats, vegetable, and spirits. I enjoy using a smoked salmon, mascarpone cheese, scallion, and cognac all processed together into a delightful spread that can be served on crackers or stuffed into a pasta shell to make a salmon ravioli finished in an asparagus cognac cream sauce.

Incredible Pie Crust

This may sound simple but, it is remarkable for grinding nuts into a fine powder, making fine ground coffee beans, or one of my favorites: turning pretzels into a powder to use as a pie crust. My pretzel crust, white chocolate, raspberry cheese cake. Maybe a little decadent, although none the less delicious and leaves me thankful for my food processor.

Enjoy and happy eating.


At the age of 14 Derek got his first of many jobs in the food industry. A relatively small pizza chain with locations mainly in malls along the northeast. After learning the ins and outs from top to bottom and front to back of pizza and fast food Italian Derek expanded his culinary knowledge with 2 years of formal schooling. After Derek’s schooling he worked as an executive chef for a number of cutting edge Italian, Mediterranean, and Pacific Rim fusion eateries before shifting his focus towards a more journalistic approach. There is an unbelievable amount of curious creations out there to be explored and enjoyed and Derek intends to find and try as many of them as he can. Happy Eating… Derek Von Weber