When you’re craving a healthy, satisfying lunch but don’t have the time for a sit-down meal, what do you do? Thanks to the food truck fad, we don’t have to worry about having that problem anymore. Whether you want tacos or hamburgers, vegan wraps or frozen yogurt, there always seems to be a food truck to satisfy your every cuisine craving.


This week on Food Truck Friday, we’re taking the party to Portland, Oregon. While Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein may have skewed your view of the city on Portlandia, it’s actually quite the burgeoning foodie capital, and its food trucks will prove that Portland deserves a spot on everyone’s culinary radar.

Take Hapa Ramen PDX, for example. The dishes served on this Japanese fusion truck are definitely not your college ramen noodle bowls. On the truck’s website, owners Michael and Sarah say that “Hapa” is the combination of classic Hawaiian recipes and Japanese cooking techniques used to prepare their food. Chicken, pork and fish produce the delicate balance of flavors found in their broth, which Food Carts Portland describes “fatty, creamy,” and “almost thick, but not.”

Made over the course of 8 to 10 hours to break down the pork, it leaves a fantastically lovely lardy film on your lips. (Food Carts Portland)

While Hapa is still very new to the scene (it just opened in October), it’s certainly found its footing, as far as we can tell. Here are a few of the delicious ramen bowls you’ll find on the menu:

Shaka Bowl


The Shaka bowl consists of broth-infused pork belly with egg, green onions, and other fresh add-ins. A bowl of cold rinsed dipping noodles is served on the side.

Curry Ramen with Karaage


While you can get this curry ramen bowl with pork, “karaage”—Japanese fried chicken—seems to be the more popular choice, based on Hapa’s Instagram (@hapapdx). Thick, spicy curry is mixed with the meat and noodles, and healthy greens like spinach and green onions top the bowl.

Miso Ramen


Sweet miso and chashu pork are served in Hapa’s delicious house broth. Marinated bamboo shoots complete the dish.

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Featured image via Food Carts Portland
All other images via Instagram