When you’re craving a healthy, satisfying lunch but don’t have the time for a sit-down meal, what do you do? Thanks to the food truck fad, we don’t have to worry about having that problem anymore. Whether you want tacos or hamburgers, vegan wraps or frozen yogurt, there always seems to be a food truck to satisfy your every cuisine craving.

Sweetery NYC Food Truck for Food Truck Friday Sweetery NYC

In June of 2009, a food truck called Sweetery NYC was launched, but it was long before the truck hit the road that the idea to satisfy New York’s sweet tooth was a thought. Grant Di Mille and Samira Mahboubian, Sweetery NYC’s founders, both recall pasts filled with food, and they knew they were destined to share their deeper connection to treats with the world.

Both founders started their careers in marketing and advertising, and split from their perspective work places to create one of the most lucrative food trucks on the streets of New York. Sweetery NYC started as a seasonal treats food truck and catering company. In the summers they would serve ice cream, while in the winter a donut and hot chocolate would grace the menu. A year round crowd pleaser though was the macarella, a dessert special to Sweetery NYC. Two macaroons pressed together with nutella in the center: aka perfection in the form of dessert.

As it turns out, Di Mille and Mahboubian couldn’t seem to leave behind their business experience, because they put their heads together to make Sweetery NYC a different kind of food truck. Instead of being solely a place to buy sweets, Sweetery NYC is now also a promotional truck with a clientele that includes, Yahoo, Godiva, MasterCard, Macy’s, and just a few more highly reputable names. Their marketing campaigns are almost as big of an accomplishment as their impossible to duplicate sweets.

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice Cream Sandwiches for Food Truck Friday Sweetery NYC

 Sweetery NYC is known for making seasonal treats like these ice cream sandwiches!

Sweetery’s Marketing Campaigns

Marketing Sweets for Food Truck Friday Sweetery NYC

Here is just one example of the many marketing campaigns Sweetery NYC has worked on in the past.


Cupcakes for Food Truck Friday Sweetery NYC

Sweetery NYC refreshes their cupcake selection daily to keep their customers on their toes. Guess you will just have to eat at the truck everyday to learn what flavors they have!

Check out a few of their menu items below, and make sure you eat (or market your company) at Sweetery NYC!

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