When you’re craving a healthy, satisfying lunch but don’t have the time for a sit-down meal, what do you do? Thanks to the food truck fad, we don’t have to worry about having that problem anymore. Whether you want tacos or hamburgers, vegan wraps or frozen yogurt, there always seems to be a food truck to satisfy your every cuisine craving.

the taco truck

In 2007, entrepreneur Jason Scott decided to open The Taco Truck after noticing a serious lack of authentic Mexican taqueria style cuisine on the East Coast. Because he wanted to set the Taco Truck apart from the competition, Scott developed four core principles that would define the company: authenticity, community, sustainability, and hospitality.

In order to be truly authentic, The Taco Truck uses fresh and organic ingredients and follows simple recipes true to the culture of Mexican street vendors. Through its community efforts, The Taco Truck has donated 10% of sales towards planting trees in Hoboken, partnered with New Jersey environmental projects, and more.

In terms of sustainability, The Taco Truck situates separate compost and recycling bins that allow customers to sort their own leftovers and containers after eating at the truck. The Taco Truck then posts their total compost to date, offering transparency in the company’s ecological footprint. In the hospitality sector, The Taco Truck promises to meet and exceed customer expectations. Founders of the truck wanted to bring sit down restaurant-quality service to a fast-paced and busy food truck.

The Taco Truck has trucks in Boston and New Jersey, a kiosk on the High Line in NYC, and stores in Hoboken and Morristown, New Jersey. Check out some of The Taco Truck’s best offerings:

Barbacoa de Costilla Tacos

the taco truck barbacoa de costilla tacosWhile The Taco Truck offers a variety of delicious taco options, the Barbacoa de Costillo tacos take the cake. The combination of pasilla braised shredded beef, onions, cilantro, and roasted red onions is so simple yet so mind-blowingly delectable. Plus they’re gluten free!


the taco truck guacamole

If you love guacamole (and how could you not?) you will die for The Taco Truck’s crave-worthy version of the dip. Enjoy devouring this heavenly guac, with an extra kick thanks to a hint of tomatillo, in tacos, with a side of chips, or on a spoon.

Tamal Dulce

tamal dulce the taco truckFor those with a sweet tooth, it is imperative that you try these unbelievable tamales. They are far from traditional tamales, with no sign of melty cheese or shredded chicken. Instead, they are so brilliantly composed of sweet cinnamon masa, raisins and walnuts, and drizzled with crema and honey. Need I say more?

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