When you’re craving a healthy, satisfying lunch but don’t have the time for a sit-down meal, what do you do? Thanks to the food truck fad, we don’t have to worry about having that problem anymore. Whether you want tacos or hamburgers, vegan wraps or frozen yogurt, there always seems to be a food truck to satisfy your every cuisine craving.

wheel good food truck kathy robinson

Wheel Good Food Truck, based in Anchorage, Alaska, is an American-style food truck that serves everything from a variety of sliders (pulled pork, salmon, beef brisket, chicken, and vegetarian) to soups to BBQ. The truck, the brainchild of married duo Kathy Robinson and Richard Geiger, is best known for its signature homemade bombolinas, fluffy spherical doughnuts. Kathy is a recent Culinary Arts graduate from the University of Alaska, Anchorage, and Richard is a business entrepreneur with degrees in Web and Graphic Design and Economics. Together, they have created the dynamic and very successful tour de force that is Wheel Good Food Truck.

The truck prepares all of its BBQ in a 1/2 ton on-board smoker, “The Vault,” and regularly changes the menu. The truck is also available for custom box lunches, catering, and special events.

Check out some of our favorites from Wheel Good Food Truck:


wheel good food truck bombolinas

Definitely number 1 on our list of must-eats at Wheel Good Food Truck is its signature dish: warm and fluffy doughnuts filled with chocolate hazelnut and ricotta.

Beet Sliders

wheel good food truck beet sliders

Perfectly marinated and grilled beets delicately topped with sprouts, pickled red onion, and homemade Greek Goddess dressing – all between two homemade buns.

Peppadew Poppers

wheel good food truck peppadew poppers

Spicy and and slightly sweet red Peppadew peppers fried in an insanely crispy breading. If needed, you can offset some of the spice with the brilliantly creamy and tangy aioli.

What would you try at Wheel Good Food?

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